State Authorization Compliance

State Authorization allows Tulane University to offer education to students located outside Louisiana. In order for Tulane University to offer out-of-state education activities, it must comply with the laws and regulations of the states where it seeks to participate in such activities. In addition, Tulane must obtain any necessary authorizations to operate in the out-of-state jurisdiction prior to conducting the education activity. Regulated education activities include online program enrollment, non-classroom or field experience (such as internships, externships, clinicals, practicums, clerkships, etc.), faculty residing in other states, academic proctoring, and recruitment or marketing.

Tulane University participates in the National Council for State Authorization and Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). NC-SARA establishes a state-level reciprocity process and uniform standards for many out-of-state education activities for all participating states and institutes. As a result, member institutions may engage in most out-of-state education activities without seeking authorization in member states.

For questions about state authorization, please contact the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research at or (504) 247-1231.